Friday October 21, 2022, from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.
RAF is a socio-economic forum which main mission is to improve Africa’s image and to promote its assets. The challenge is to break cognitive biases that characterise the perception on African countries, to reinforce confidence of partners, investors.
The theme of this 8th edition is “Enticing strategies for African Nations”

General terms and conditions of sale

The entrance fee to REBRANDING AFRICA FORUM 2022 includes participation to the day’s program according to the chosen package and the documentation provided. No refunds can be made if you cancel your participation. In such a situation, you can be represented by a person of an equivalent hierarchy level. This, however, requires a formal approval of the Organising Committee and as such, the committee should be informed as soon as possible. In this case an application can be accepted only if made no later than 20 days before the Forum.
Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. The ticket allows access only to a participant. The Organizer may decide to check the identity of the participants at the entrance and ask participants to present a proof of identity such as identity card, passport, driving license. Accommodation and transportation costs are in charge of attendants. 
Your participation will be confirmed upon receipt of your complete payment.