Acknowledgement and tribute

The Rebranding Africa Awards acknowledges outstanding personalities who through everyday actions in their various fields of focus, map out the path of development and lead others to change their views about our continent. In so doing, these distinctions are now a symbol for a more dynamic, proactive and more open Africa to the world.

These recognition and tribute trophies are awarded by the pan-African magazine Notre Afrik, published by the Samori Media Connection Press Group, during the Rebranding Africa Awards ceremonies.

Development Champion

Attributed to a major player whose leadership, vision and exceptional actions has helped in the development of the African continent.

In 2014, the Rwandan, Donald Kaberuka was rewarded for “his leadership at the helm of the African Development Bank and his deeds for the development of the African continent “.

Former Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (Onudi) the Sierra Leonean Kandeh Yumkella, won the prize in 2015 for his outstanding contribution to sustainable energy on the African continent.

In 2016, Carlos Lopes, former Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Community for Africa (ECA) received the award for his commitment to the endogenous development of the continent and the mobilisation of its domestic resources.

In 2017, Thierry Zomahoun, a talented and world-renowned scientist won the prize. He carries a great ambition for Africa at the head of the institution he leads: training future scholars and African brains for the development of the continent.

In 2018, Makhtar DIOP, the World Bank’s Vice President for Sub-Saharan Africa, who has led numerous development projects for the benefit of the African continent, won the prize.

Lassina ZERBO, Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) received the award in 2019. He was chosen by the Jury for his outstanding contribution to nuclear disarmament and peace in the world.

The Development Champion Rebranding Africa Award 2023 was presented to Mr. George Agyekum Donkor, President of the EBID.

Lifetime Achievement

This award recognizes an exceptional career and highlights the invaluable contribution of a man or woman who has greatly stimulated development and emergence throughout his career.

It was the eminent contribution of the Togolese Gervais Koffi Djondo, honorary president of the pan-African banking group Ecobank and chairman of the Board of Directors of the airline Asky, who was acknowledged in 2014.

Following him, was the famous Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango, considered as the pioneer of afro-jazz, who was honoured in 2015.

In 2016, the prize was given to Fr. Godfrey Nzamujo, director of the Songhai Regional Center for his various researches on development, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and soil fertilisation.

In 2017, the prize was given to Samuel Eto’o, for his outstanding career as a professional footballer.

In 2018, the prize was given posthumously to Kofi Annan, who was the former Secretary-General of the United Nations (1997-2006). He put his leadership and experience in favour of peace in Africa during his long career.

In 2019, Salif KEITA, Artist and Founder of the Salif Keita Global Foundation received the prize to recognise the global artist who promotes the beauty and poetry of the Mandinka language, as well as his social commitment, through his foundation, the Salif Keita Global Foundation, whose objective is to improve the living conditions of people with albinism in Africa.

The Lifetime Achievement Rebranding Africa Award 2023 was posthumously awarded to the late Mr. Henri Lopes.

Empowering Women

Awarded to a woman or a group of women involved in the implementation of projects for emergence and development.

This trophy distinguished in 2014 “Jjiguene Tech Hub“. Co-founded by Marième Jamme, this 100% female project set up in Dakar, Senegal, has greatly invested in the training of women in basic computer technology.

In 2015, Elisabeth Medou, general manager of Orange Cameroon and first African woman to hold a senior position with the French operator.

Cécile Kyenge, former Italian Minister for Integration, Member of the European Parliament, was honoured in 2016 for her struggle for integration and fight against racism.

In 2017, the prize was given Natalia Kanem, Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund. For her invaluable contribution over the last twenty years to issues of reproductive health and philanthropy as well as her leadership in popularizing the concept of demographic dividend.

In 2018, the prize was given Rosine Coulibaly/Sori, Minister of Economy, Finance and Development of Burkina Faso and a former United Nations official. She has taken up many development challenges and through her example, she has contributed to gender promotion.

Marie ARENA, Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights received the Empowering Women Rebranding Award in 2019 because of her hard work during the passing of the legislation on conflict minerals commonly known as “blood minerals”.

The Empowering Women Rebranding Africa Award 2023 has been awarded to Mrs. Kanayo Awani, Executive Vice President of Afreximbank.

Media Leadership

It is a trophy that highlights the outstanding press work, especially to reward the media that has illustrated itself through its actions in favour of the African continent.

Constant Nemalé, CEO of the television channel, Africa24, won it in 2014, for having imposed its media as “one of the vectors of communication among the most useful to the radiance of the African continent“.

In 2015, this distinction was given to Burundi’s private media, which “resists with heroism and professionalism and continues to communicate about the dramatic situations happening behind closed doors in their country”.

In 2016, it was awarded to the journalist, professor of geopolitics at the “Institut Pratique de Journalisme” (Paris Dauphine), Francis Laloupo for his relevant (indispensable/valuable) radio programs on the Africa N°1 radio.

In 2017, the prize was given to Denise Epoté, Director of TV5 Monde Afrique. For her exceptional career, her professionalism and the way the programs she has presented and directed contributed to the outreach of Africa

In 2018, the prize was given to Alain Foka a journalist of Radio France Internationale (RFI) who contributed to the valorization of the African memory.

In 2019, Jean-Baptiste Placca, Editorialist at Radio France Internationale (RFI) Won the Media Leadership Rebranding Africa Award for his outstanding career.


The aim of this prize is to distinguish the talent and creative aspect of an African key-actor.

It was awarded in 2014 to Kenyan Evans Wadongo, a young computer engineer who revolutionised the lives of thousands of rural people in his country by designing thousands of solar lamps to replace kerosene which is more expensive.

Then it was the turn of the Senegalese Awa Caba to be rewarded in 2015, for his e-project Sooretul, an online space for women engaged in the processing of local fruits and cereals, intended to boost their production sales.

It was followed in 2016 by Christian Toé, CEO of Genuine Concept for the Laafi Bag project, which offers a lightweight, self-contained refrigerating bag equipped with a photovoltaic module to maintain and regulate the temperature within it, so as to convey vaccines and other sensitive products in the most critical areas without interruption of the cold chain.

In 2017, the prize was given to Fohla Mouftaou, co-founder of Green Keeper Africa, an innovative project that transforms water hyacinth into depolluting fibres in Benin.

In 2018, the prize was given to Flavien Kouatcha Simo, a young Cameroonian engineer and entrepreneur who founded Save Our Agriculture. By a process called aquaponics, it naturally fertilizes plants with fish excrement. For example, this technique saves 90% of the water wasted in traditional agriculture and reduces carbon emissions by 20%. 

In 2019, the prize was given to Juveline NGUM NGWA CEO of the BLEAGLEE, an organisation specialised in the recycling of mining waste, with a social purpose.

Business Leadership

Launched during the second edition of the RAF in 2015, it aims at distinguishing an actor whose approach, positioning and leadership has been particularly prominent in the business world and / or favourable to African business. It went to Henriette Kaboré, President of the Burkina Faso Enterprise House and CEO of BTM Immo, which is an exception in building and public works, a sector dominated by men.

In 2016, it appointed Paul K. Fokam, Chairman of Afriland First Bank Group for his career in the business community. Starting from (almost) nothing, he built an empire that englobes a banking group, a private university (PK Fokam Institute of Excellence), a London-based online television (Vox Africa) and a publishing house.

In 2017, the prize was given to Michel Zouhair Fadoul, President of the Fadoul Group. For his social conscience and his commitment to the promotion of employment on the continent (he is director of a private group which has 15,000 employees), his leadership in the car transport field, the timber and construction industry

In 2018, the prize was given to Apollinaire Compaore, a Burkinabe businessman; he is a model of the self-made man. In addition to his Planor Africa group, which operates in the mobile telephony sector, he has just created the Wend Kuni bank.

In 2019, Mahamadou BONKOUNGOU, CEO of EBOMAF BURKINA Won the prize. By his accomplishment, Mr BONKOUNGOU embodies a “success story made in Africa”.

The Business Leadership Rebranding Africa Award 2023 was awarded to Eng. Hani Salem Sonbol, CEO of ITFC.

Governance Leadership

This trophy of honour and recognition is attributed to an African leader who has demonstrated his commitment to an Africa resolutely in step with the challenges and changes of the world today.

It was awarded in 2015 to the President of Senegal, Macky Sall, particularly for his extraordinary and exceptional capacity to mobilise resources to finance the “Emerging Senegal Plan”, considered in the continent as a model for development policy.

In 2016, it was the president of Burkina Faso, Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, who was honoured, notably for having succeeded in bringing peace to his country after a period of great turbulence.

In 2017, the prize was given to Alpha Condé, President in office of the African Union and the Republic of Guinea. For his extraordinary and exceptional ability to bring together and mobilize African countries on issues of common interest within the African Union. Also for his leadership at the head of his country that he has masterfully reinstated among Nations since his accession to the highest office in 2010.

In 2018, the award was given to Nana Akufo-Addo, the President of Ghana. Elected in 2017, he is engaged in a merciless fight against corruption. The bold choices he made, makes him a model of good political and economic governance.

H.E. Matata Mapon PONYO, Economist and Honorary Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo is the Winner of the Award in 2019. That recognition salute the exceptional career, which testifies to his commitment to an Africa that is resolutely in step with the challenges and changes of today’s world.

The Governance Leadership Rebranding Africa Award 2023 was presented to His Excellency Julius Maada Bio, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Milestone Achievement

The Milestone Achievement Rebranding Africa Award 2023 has been bestowed upon Mr. Patrice Melom, Managing Director of the Autonomous Port of Kribi.