Taha Amiar is a global knowledge manager and an award-winning sustainable analyst.

Taha Amiar advocates potential solutions to assist the Moroccan civil society, community, business and stakeholders in adopting green technologies. He has extensive experience with public relations, business promotion, and corporate banking. Taha Amiar holds a master’s degree in finance from the Toulouse Business School.

He is a recipient of King Hassan II Environment award and at the Abu Dhabi Ecocity Summit (2015), his abstract was accepted by the scientific committee. A jury member of the “Jeunes Eco-Reporters”of the Fondation Mohammed VI pour l’Environnement (2013), He was also a speaker in : Conférence de Rabat du Développement Durable (2013), CleanTech CleanTuesday (Lyon, 2014), Global EcoForum (Barcelone, 2015), and Forum des Médias de la Francophonie (Marrakech, 2017).

Taha Amiar speaks six languages and has attended multiple international conferences and training courses in Europe, South Korea, Jordan, Egypte, Kenya and the United States.

He climbed twice the highest summit of Morocco : Toubkal, 4165 m