Patrice PASSY, Expert and International consultant, is director of DB CONSEILS, consulting firm specialized in management of organizations, economic Intelligence and Communication of influence. He is in addition to his consulting activities, the President of the University of African knowledge and founder of the African endogenous strategic thinking.

Former adviser to the prime Minister of the DRC and current adviser to the Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo, Patrice PASSY is a professional of economic intelligence and communication of influence member of the Order of international experts of Geneva. It has this title accompanied by political decision-makers in Central Africa in communication of influence and management of organizations. It has participated in the strengthening of the operational capacities of several African employers (National Council of Chadian Employers, Federation of Enterprises of the Congo, Inter-Employers group, Cameroon, National Council of Senegalese employers).

Rich in its international experience (Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Charleroi, Abidjan, Brazzaville, Dakar, Douala, Cotonou, Johannesburg, Kinshasa, Shanghai, Pointe-Noire …), Patrice PASSY, as part of its consultancy activities, brings to the companies , the tools and methods for solving internal dysfunctions of companies, in addition to strategic support, which it makes available to international investors interested in African markets.

Active as an international speaker in numerous Forums, economic congresses, trade shows, symposia in Europe and Francophone Africa, on the themes of geostrategy, geoeconomy, complexity management in Africa Francophone, management of intercultural issues, he is regularly asked by the international media as part of his consultancy activities.

He also acts as a trainer in many universities, European chambers of Commerce and industry and African employers, and management schools.