As every year, the Innovation Time is one of the highlights of the Rebranding Africa Forum. 3 candidates in competition present their innovative projects, in front of a jury panel composed by specialists of the sector and potential investors.

Jury members were:


Didier Acouetey, CEO of AfricSearch


Chantal Kamatari, President of Friends of Africa Business Networking Group, Project Manager, CSR – Economic and Environmental, BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV
Lota Tamini, Pr. in International business, agricultural policies, Laval University
Cyrille Nkontchou, Founder and Co-Manager of Enko Capital Management

This year the candidate, nominated by the jury and crowned as the winner was Fohla Mouftaou with his project Green Keeper Africa, a framework which bring natural solutions to resolved the problem of industrial pollution in Africa.
He received the Innovation Rebranding Africa Award and a cheque of 10.000 Euros, offered by our partner Notre Afrik, a Pan-African magazine.


Fohla Mouftaou

Green Keeper Africa (GKA) provides efficient solutions and safe products given the environmental and socio-economic impacts assessment. GKA best-selling products include an absorbent fiber for oil spill control (GKSORB®) and soil remediation solutions.

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Genesis Ehimegbe

The African metropolises face an environmental crisis caused by the pollution generated by the plastic waste. COLIBA sets up an efficient waste system in order to solve the problem: C O L I B A + is an optimal household waste management tool that allows households, businesses and institutions to take advantage of their waste while meeting the demand of recycling companies.

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Camara Laye

The machine LT, produced compressed earth block, generally called “CEB” or stabilized earth block “SEB” are bricks on raw earth. It’s a block of raw earth compressed uniformly by the machine. Blocks is thus a natural material produced on the spot with the earth extracted locally consisted mainly of clay, silt and of sand.

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