Batio Bassiere
Minister of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change of Burkina Faso

Current position / organization
He is head of the Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change. It is responsible for implementing and monitoring the Government’s environmental policy, the green economy and climate change.

Thus, he coordinates the implementation of the following programs:

  • Sustainable Management of Forest and Wildlife Resources ;
  • Environmental sanitation and improvement of the living environment ;
  • Environmental governance and sustainable development ;
  • Green Economy and Climate Change.

Career History
From a professional point of view, Batio BASSIERE has been a tax specialist at the Ministry of Finance since 1993, where he held several positions of responsibility.

Politically, he has been a member of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso since 2006. This gave him the following positions:

  • Vice President of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso ;
  • Deputy Chairman of the Committees of the Parliament of the West African Economic and Monetary Union.

In addition, he held the position of “Project Manager” at the Ministry of the Environment, responsible for financial and fiscal matters.

Key achievements in inclusive green economy
In the execution of his mission, he has among others:

  • Set up, within its ministerial department, a General Directorate for the Green Economy and Climate Change, with a view to coordinating Burkina Faso’s transition process towards a green and inclusive economy;
  • Organized the first National Green Economy Academy, with the aim of ensuring ownership of the green economy concept, by all actors of national development ;
  • Oversaw the development of a national green economy strategy in Burkina Faso;
  • Initiated a transformation process of 2,000 villages in Burkina Faso into ecovillage.

Academic history
Batio BASSIERE has a degree in mathematics, taxation and finance – accounting.