Mrs. Hadizatou Rosine COULIBALY born SORI
Burkina Faso Minister of Economy, Finance and Development(BURKINA FASO).

Fully committed in the frontline of social and economic development since 1982, Mrs. Sori Coulibaly was appointed in many positions at national and international level and in that capacity, she worked in many countries as direct interlocutors of governments, private sectors, and civil society.
During these 20 years, her great experience was at the service of the United Nations UN, and particularly at the service of UNDP United Nation Program for Development that she served being appointed in a high position as Deputy Special representative of United Nations secretary general, resident Coordinator, Security Coordinator, United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative. She was on duty in many countries such as Benin from (2014 – 2015), Burundi from (2011 – 2014), Togo from (2006 – 2011), UNDP Assistant Resident representative in Mauritania from (2002 – 2006), UNDP consultant then Chief economist in Burundi and Benin from (1995-2012). In her position of resident Coordinator, Mrs. Sori Coulibaly coordinated United Nations operational activities, appointed as head of the technical and financial partners’ board, she maintained a high level dialogue with the high authorities of countries where she served while being in charge of United Nations personnel in collaboration with local security dispositions.

In Benin many development programs were developed and implemented under the leadership of Mrs. Sori Coulibaly in domains such as inclusive growth promotion, basic development, youth’s employment, environment, climate change, access to justice for poor people and civic monitoring. She instigated many reforms aiming for one part to better the United Nations Operations effectiveness (united in the action) and the other for a greater involvement of the government in coordinating and monitoring programs and projects performances. During her mandate, the UNDP office in Benin moved in one year from the 17th place to the 5th in Africa at the South of Sahara bringing at that time Benin to the 1st rank in the streamlining of United Nations Business Operations Strategy (BOS) in French speaking countries at the south of Sahara.

In Burundi, in addition to her responsibility as United Nations System Coordinator, Security Coordinator and UNDP resident Representative, she was the Deputy Special representative of United Nations Secretary General. In this capacity, she contributed to establish the dialogue between opposition and majority political actors and interacted with the board of Technical and Financial partners of which she was in charge of the interventions coordination and she facilitated the dialogue with the government. Her support to the country will help the country to endow a strategic framework of growth and fight against poverty, for which she organized with success the Burundi partners’ conference in order to mobilize resources for the implementation of the national primary programs. When mortal floods hit the country in 2014, Mrs. Sori Coulibaly coordinated the United Nations agencies’ emergency intervention (OMS, UNICEF, OCHA, UNFPA, WFP, FAO, IFAD, PNUO….) and humanitarian NGOs. Then, she supported the country in the preparation of a contingency plan in order to prevent, manage and respond efficiently to natural disasters. She did the same with the war victims reinsertion operations. As in Mauritania, Mrs. Sori-Coulibaly’s actions in Togo were concerning sectors such as the fight against poverty and the implementation of OMO, economic and democratic governance, youths’ employment, microfinance, natural resources management, climate change, institutional and organizational capacity building of national administrations namely the ministers in charge of economy, public service and territorial administration, including a technical assistance to the Prime ministry for the redefinition of the sectorial ministries workbooks. For this purpose, she supported the Togolese national political dialogue, which ended to legislative polls in 2007 and the presidential polls in 2010 organized with the technical support of UNDP.

In 2008, she organized in Brussels Togo partners’ conference in support to the government bringing back the funders and international community after having left the country during 16 years. In collaboration with other institutions of which the World Bank and the ADB, she initiated in support of the government an organizational audit for the presidency and for 4 ministries in order to provide them an organizational device assorted with indicators and favourable to results-oriented culture. Under her leadership, the office of Togo was classified best UNDP office in 2008 in Sub-Saharan Africa. During her 7 years of duty as UNDP Chief economist Mrs. Sori Coulibaly worked in doing macroeconomic framing, in identifying strategic development domains, formulating and evaluating projects and programs, preparing reports and technical notifications on the economic and social situation of the countries. At the national level, during 13 years Mrs. Sori Coulibaly was on duty at the Ministry in charge of Planning, Economic Matters as senior economist, member of the Economic and Social Council, non-permanent teacher at the National Training School of Administration and Magistracy, BIT/CEA Project National Coordinator for the supervision of micro-entrepreneur women and DID/ACDI (Canada) training and advise officer for Small and Middle capacity Enterprise. She was also very active in the associative sectors as Secretary General of (UFB) Women Union of Burkina Faso in the district of Kadiogo where the capital city is located, President of the Autonomic Women Union (UAF), Publishing Director of the magazine Solidary women. She was also engaged in Human Rights defence organizations; Mrs. Sori Coulibaly has a postgraduate degree (DESS) in Economy of Development and a (DEA) Planning. She is married and mother of 2 children.