Jean-Pierre Ndoutoum
Director, Francophonie Institute for Sustainable Development (IFDD)

M. Jean-Pierre NDOUTOUM holds a degree in Advanced Studies (DEA) in Applied Chemical Kinetics from the University of Paris VI (France) and an MBA in Management (EUA, San Francisco) with additional training in public finance and management of companies of the Institute of Economy and Finance of Libreville (Gabon). He worked during six years (1990-1996) for the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Oil of Gabon in charges of studies, then as Director of Predictive, Economic and Financial Studies.

In 1996, he joined the Francophonie Institute for Sustainable Development (IFDD) in Quebec City (Canada) as a Program Specialist for energy policies (access to energy, energy management and renewable energies). He also has extensive experience working with international organizations (World Bank Group, African Development Bank, ASECNA, UEMOA and UN System) and practical experience in OIF member countries. Mr. NDOUTOUM is director of IFDD since April 1st, 2015.