“We thank you for being so many to have sent your application for Innovation Time 2019.
The nomination evaluation process for the 3 projects running for the 2019 Rebranding Africa Innovation Awards is closed.
The 3 candidates selected for the final phase will be contacted on August 14, 2019.
Are you the one? Answer in your inbox!
Good luck to everyone.”

What is Innovation Time?

Innovation Time is a session within the Rebranding Africa Forum, during which 3 successful innovation stories are presented. The Innovation Awards or Innovation Prize is awarded to the winner of Innovation Time and is intended to reward the talent and genius of a major African innovator.
Innovation Time is part of the Rebranding Africa Awards (RAA), which reward leading personalities who, through their actions in their fields, chart the paths of development and encourage others to change their outlook on our continent.

Who is eligible?

Innovation Time is open to all.

What does the Innovation Time award include?

  • The Innovation Award of the Rebranding Africa Awards;
  • Unquestionable reputation through extensive media exposure;
  • Meetings with international investors and sponsors;
  • A cheque for 5,000 Euros

What determines the selectability of projects?

  • Oriented towards Africa
  • Responding to problems on the African continent
  • Have a social impact (projects in line with the MDGs – Millennium Development Goals – are strongly encouraged)
  • Be applicable in other countries on the continent
  • The innovative nature of the project presented
  • The financial viability of the project (analysis of the Business Plan presented)
  • Relevance to the theme chosen for the Rebranding Africa Forum
  • The general presentation of the project, the presentation pitch

How to send your application?

 The following information should be sent as attachments in ONE EMAIL to the following email address: innovator@rebrandingafrica.com

BEFORE 31.07.2019 :

  • Your bilingual Biography (FR/EN) on half a page for each version
  • A synopsis of maximum 1,000 words of your project
  • A brief summary of your Business Plan
  • A brief presentation of the current needs to carry out your project (human, financial or structural resources)

Applications will be evaluated by the organising committee and ONLY the selected candidates will be contacted.

Do you know someone with an innovative project?

Please share this information with them!