Fabrice GOFFIN
Zora Robotics NV

After graduating from Antwerp University and an initial experience in an administrative company, Fabrice became despite his young age (27) director of the World Trade Center in Antwerp (Belgium). He occupied this post until the 11th of September 2001. With him the slightest opportunity can become a business. Then he turned his attention to the art world and art galleries. He ended up by managing 5 of them in all, one of which was in Dubai. Being a huge fan of ‘Star Wars’ and robotics, he met up with Tommy Deblieck and created Advanced Hospitality Systems in Bucharest/ Romania. They designed a revolutionary handheld touch device developing ‘smart home and hotel’ solutions. This was the first technology basis for the creation of the ZoraBots ‘DNA’.

ZoraBots is now conquering the world with new BtoB and BtoC solutions in service robotics areas. ZBOS solution has become in a short time the “Windows of Robotics”, a solution that allow anyone, even those who have no specific skills in tech, to create, control and compose with a real or a virtual robot. What else? Fabrice is also active in the volunteer field and committed as a president of the Blue Cross being the animal shelter association.