Founder & CEO
Talents Awake
Moderator (RAF2021)

Professional Master of ceremonies and Lecturer, member of the French Association of Professional Lecturers (AFCP), the Global Speakers Federation, the Speakers.com network and ACME50 and ACME 25, Léocadie Ebakissé acts as an expert Facilitator and Moderator on business, corporate and institutional events, face-to-face or online.

Certified Global Executive Coach, Léocadie founded Talents Awake in 2015, a consulting agency in transformational strategies and influencing development, through which she supports Leaders and decision-makers, in Europe and Africa, in the conduct and facilitation of their strategic transformations.

On a pan-African and international scale, Léocadie leads round tables, debates and panels driven by the desire to enable decision-makers and organizations to put forward their projects and challenge their visions, and make them benefit as many people as possible. Through her interviews with personalities, she reveals inspiring journeys while discussing the issues and challenges of the world of tomorrow.

Keen to contribute to large-scale impactful projects in Africa, Léocadie works in relation with various actors who are committed to African development, locally and internationally. She is particularly involved in projects dedicated to Diaspora, Entrepreneurship and Digital issues with, among other networks, Women in Africa, Ambition Africa, Afric’UP and the Business France Country workshops.

Léocadie is fluent in French, Spanish, English and Italian.