Fatimata Wane is a senior journalist working for France 24, an international news channel based in Paris since 2006. She covers mainly african affairs, including politics, economics and culture. Previously she started her career by joining the investigation cell of Canal+ “90 Minutes” with the awarded french journalist Paul Moreira. Then she worked for various french african press such as Africa International. Since 2006, She has interviewed for France 24, high profile guests, mostly african presidents or artists and covered the most important cultural african events. Since 2018 Fatimata has run a monthly show called “La Grande Palabre” about african concerns from History to Culture through Politics etc. And she also hosts a weekly segment on african culture in the morning show of France 24. In May 2018 she received an award for “Best TV journalist of the year” as the one who best highlighted the african culture. The prize was given in Paris at the Unesco in May 2018. She is currently presenting the African News bulletin on Fridays, called “Journal de l’Afrique”. In 2019, she founded AAC55 | Action Africa Culture, a panafrican initiative aiming to promote culture made in and made of Africa. AAC55 aspires to establish a multidisciplinary and international network of cultural actors, which is essential for the development of cultural and creative industries. This project will lead to the largest african culture summit in Dakar on decembre 2021.