PANEL I: Digital Revolution in Africa: State of Play, Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects

The objective of this panel is to take stock of the digital revolution in Africa, to highlight its effects in the various sectors that it is radiating and transforming, the opportunities and challenges that result from it, as well as the prospects in these sectors; finance, economy, education, training, science, health, governance, etc..

Panel II: Digital Social Networks in Africa: Ethical, Political and Socio-Economic Challenges

This panel will focus on the main ethical issues raised by the development and opening up of these alternative platforms of public expression, their political impact in our societies, particularly in terms of social mobilisation and democratic dynamism, and finally the economic and financial stakes they raise for the continent.

Panel III: Investing in Africa’s Digital Economy

The challenge of this panel is to highlight the various branches of the digital economy in Africa, the opportunities for investors and the prospects they offer. This panel should also indicate the conditions and modalities of a profitable investment in the sector, as well as the possibilities of financing, the objective being to best accompany and accelerate the digital revolution in Africa.

Panel IV: Financing Digital Infrastructure in Africa

Infrastructure is the overriding challenge to sustain and optimise digital revolution in Africa. Nevertheless, they require significant funding, long-term financial resources that are not within the reach of most African states considered separately. Therefore, the challenge of this panel is to examine possible synergies, appropriate partnerships and innovative strategies for an optimal capture of these resources.