After her Law and Notary studies at the Catholic University of Louvain, Chantal Lembo Bashizi has practiced as a lawyer at the Bar of Brussels where she was enrolled in the French-speaking Order of Barristers. In November 2005, President Joseph Kabila appointed her as Administrative Director in the Management Committee of the Congolese Mining Cadastry. To this function was added the position of Technical Director a.i. in the same Public Establishment in charge of the administration of mining concessions conceded in Democratic Republic of Congo. Since 2012, she has also undertaken the role of Vice President of the Governmental Commission in charge of the revision of the Congolese mining code at the Ministry of Mines.

Appointed Vice-Minister of Mines and Energy in April 1997, Mrs. Bashizi also teached Introduction to Company Law at the Université Libre Internationale in Brussels and has worked as Director of Citizens’ Network Programs “RCN” active in the DRC and other African countries.

Conscientious, motivated, determined and rigorous, Chantal Bashizi Lembo was awarded the “Mama Awards 2015” by the Congolese Observatory of Merit in the category of “Best public representative” and received in June 2016 the award for “Outstanding Female Personality of the Congolese mining sector for the year 2015/2016” during the DRC mining week in Lubumbashi organized by the firm Spintelligent based in Cape Town.