The fourth edition of the Rebranding Africa Forum ended with the Rebranding Africa Awards gala as it is traditionally done. Highly anticipated, this year’s awards have once again highlighted strong personalities of the continent who, by their actions, propel Africa to the forefront of the or global arena and “trace the paths of development and bring others to change their perception of the continent “.

Innovation Rebranding Africa Award

Africa cannot develop if it does not follow the trends in technological innovation. In an increasingly open world, our continent must take part in debates and provide concrete solutions adapted to our realities. “Innovation Rebranding Africa Award” rewards the talent and ingenuity of an African. In addition to the Award, this year’s winner received a check of ten thousand Euros from the magazine, Notre Afrik.

Winner: Fohla Mouftaou, co-founder of Green Keeper Africa, an innovative project that transforms water hyacinth into depolluting fibres in Benin.

Media Leadership Rebranding Africa Award

The media plays a leading role in the world’s view of the African continent. The stated goal of the Rebranding Africa Forum is to reposition, without masking the setbacks, the image of Africa. The “Media Leadership Rebranding Africa Award“, aims at acknowledging the tremendous work of a player in the media world with regards to his/her efforts in promoting the African continent.

For her exceptional career, her professionalism and the way the programs she has presented and directed contributed to the outreach of Africa, the Jury decided to award this year’s prize to:

Mrs. Denise Epoté, Director of TV5 Monde Afrique.

Empowering Women Rebranding Africa Award

On a daily basis, they are fighting to put the world and Africa at the heart of development dynamics. The “Empowering Women’s Rebranding Africa Award” is awarded to a woman involved in the implementation of projects dealing with emergence and development. For her invaluable contribution over the last twenty years to issues of reproductive health and philanthropy as well as her leadership in popularizing the concept of demographic dividend, the Jury decided to give this year’s award to:

Natalia Kanem, Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund.

Business Leadership Rebranding Africa Award

This award aims to distinguish a player whose approach, positioning and leadership has been outstanding in the business community. For his social conscience and his commitment to the promotion of employment on the continent (he is director of a private group which has 15,000 employees), his leadership in the car transport field, the timber and construction industry, the Jury decided this year to give the “Business Leadership Rebranding Africa Award” to:

Michel Zouhair Fadoul, President of the Fadoul Group.

Development Champion Rebranding Africa Award

There are leaders who drive the dynamics of development by activating with determination the required levers when needed. The “Development Champion Rebranding Africa Award” rewards a major player for his leadership, his vision and his exceptional deeds for the development of the African continent.

Head of the largest network of centres of excellence in mathematics in Africa, a talented and world-renowned scientist, this year’s winner carries a great ambition for Africa at the head of the institution he leads: training future scholars and African brains for the development of the continent.

Winner: Thierry Zomahoun, President of the Next Einstein Network.

Lifetime Achievment Rebranding Africa Award

The “Lifetime Achievement Rebranding Africa Award” honours an outstanding career, recognizing the invaluable contribution of a man or woman who would have greatly boosted the development and outreach of his sector of activity. This year, the Jury decided to reward a football star – Quadruple African Footballer of the year in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010, and Antalyaspor Turkish Club International:

Samuel Eto’o, Professional Footballer.

Governance Leadership Rebranding Africa Award

Trophy of honour and recognition awarded to an African leader who would have demonstrated his commitment to an Africa, resolutely in line with the challenges and changes of the world. For his extraordinary and exceptional ability to bring together and mobilize African countries on issues of common interest within the African Union. Also for his leadership at the head of his country that he has masterfully reinstated among Nations since his accession to the highest office in 2010. The Jury decided to award the “Governance Leadership Rebranding Africa Award “ to:

H.E.M. Alpha Condé, President in office of the African Union and the Republic of Guinea.

The Rebranding Africa Awards is a symbol of a more dynamic and proactive Africa that gives henceforth a meaning to the deserved homage to all who dedicate themselves to the progress and well-being of Africa.

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See you the 6 and 7 October 2018 !