Adama Sanfo
CEO Wendkuni Bank , Burkina Faso

Adama SANFO is a senior bank executive with over forty years of experience and expertise in the financial and banking field.
He took his first steps in the banking world at the International Bank of Burkina where he brilliantly held various positions of responsibility from 1977 to 2003.

His skills then led him to the position of Deputy General Manager of BISC Burkina, The next challenge he took was the difficult task of establishing BSIC Togo as its first Managing Director, prior to becoming the bank’s Managing Director in Senegal.

Further beyond, SANFO’s skills will propel him to positions of great responsibility within BSIC’ parent company. To name a few, he will serve as Managing Director of the department of French-speaking subsidiaries and Vice-Chairman of the Central Credit Committee in Tripoli.
M. SANFO has also held executive positions of BSIC Mali, BSIC Guinea and BSIC Central African Republic. Morever, he sat on the board of directors of companies such qs TELECEL FASO, UAB and SBE.

With all the expertise and notoriety preceding him, it is no surprise Appolinaire COMPAORE, a renowned entrepreneur in Burkina, would request him as General Secretary of his group, PLANOR AFRIQUE.

Simultaneously with his duties as Secretary General of PLANOR AFRIQUE, SANFO will be the linchpin of the banking license’s obtention process for the brand new WENDKUNI BANK INTERNATIONAL.

It is no surprise that this tireless sexagenarian, father of seven, currently holds the Managing Director position of WENDKUNI BANK INTERNATIONAL.
From overseeing the different processes towards opening this bank to managing it today, Adama SANFO’s strongest will is to pass on his experience with the younger generations.